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Walking with Psychopaths

An introduction to the website and accompanying blog.

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Welcome to Walking with Psychopaths - a website that I hope you find interesting and informative. Through a series of blog posts and literature reviews, I intend to discuss the role that psychopathic traits play in our every day lives, and how they might be used to garner success. Moreover, this site will be used to document my journey throughout academia and the experiences I gain.

This blog will not only allow me to actively engage with newly-learned material, which would otherwise remain stagnant on a notepad on my desk, but will act as a mechanism to disseminate my thoughts and opinions on research as they develop. Further, it will be used as a tool for disseminating my own research findings - all of which, in some way or another, are centred around the Darker side of personality. At the time of writing, my wider research interests extend to the role of cognitive empathy (deficient in psychopathy) in both polarisation and judgements of image-based sexual offences, as well as how psychopaths view and experience nature.

Please click here to take part in some of my ongoing research.

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