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Nature Connectedness

One of the core areas of research at the University of Derby is Nature Connectedness; one's connection with nature and its associated benefits for well-being and conservation behaviour. Built on the finding that those with high levels of psychopathic traits display a preference for inner-city, relative to rural living, we further this work by identifying that said individuals (UK-based) also report a lower connection to nature and its beauty. Moreover, this association might be mediated by empathic functioning. Readers may be interested in Prof. Miles Richardson and his blog

Revenge Pornography

Under the Criminal Justice and Courts Act 2015, it is now a punishable criminal offence in England and Wales to share sexually explicit images of another without their consent. This act, coined in the media as 'Revenge Pornography' is invasive and can have lasting effects, both personally and professionally, for the victims. We seek to understand the social, psychological, and evolutionary factors that contribute to this crime, as well as how such factors might moderate the judgements of its perpetrators and victims. My work with Dr. Craig Harper (Nottingham Trent University) and Dr. Dominic Petronzi (University of Derby) on this area can be viewed here.  

Political Polarisation

Political partisans (i.e., committed members of a political party or movement) across the United Kingdom and the United States of America have undergone a great deal of polarisation since 2016. Whilst in the UK, we debated over whether to Remain in or Leave the European Union, Republicans and Democrats competed for the presidency of the United States. Regardless of your allegiance or political view, social media has allowed for so-called echo chambers by being able to 'block' or 'unfollow' those with differing views from your own. Ongoing work with Dr. Craig Harper has sought to better understand this disparity and suggests that such polarisation may be reduced by increasing one's cognitive empathy and ability to take the perspective of another. This work can be viewed here.

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